Brand Assets

Thanks for taking an interest in Creative Boom. Here, we'll set out our brand guidelines, including our logo, brand colours, typography, and tone of voice. If you have any questions or need anything else, email [email protected]. Please note that a link to download our visual assets is provided below.

Our brand

Creative Boom is one of the UK's leading magazines dedicated to the creative industry. Founded in 2009, we deliver news, inspiration, insight and advice to seven million creative professionals each year through our content, podcast and entire network. From artists, designers and makers to illustrators, photographers, filmmakers and animators – we support creatives at every stage of their careers, that’s whether they're graduates, working at an agency or in-house, freelancing or leading a team.


Our logo is very important to us. It's the symbol that represents and unites us as a movement. Please use it consistently to build awareness, recognition and adoption of our brand. Always use the logo files provided as follows. Do not re-create. Use the horizontal lock-up version where there's enough room, and the stack lockup when there's isn't. Please give our logo space to breathe. Our icon, meanwhile, is for social media and avatars only.

Creative Boom Logo

Creative Boom Logo

Creative Boom Logo


Our primary colour palette is black and white. Our secondary palette consists of five colours, as outlined below. Please ensure you always used the correct colour breakdowns: CMYK and Pantone® for print and Hex # for digital.

Creative Boom Logo


Our brand font for headings is Tiempos Headline Medium. For sub-headers and body copy, it's ABC Diatype, of which we use four styles: regular, italic, bold and bold italic.

Tone of voice

Genuine, inclusive, friendly – Creative Boom's tone of voice is informal, warm and approachable, compassionate and fun. We understand that whilst creativity is a respected field, many of our audience have chosen their profession to do something they love, so we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Our ethos is about celebrating, inspiring and supporting the creative community – we're like a party on your screen, one where everyone is invited. And as our readers are savvy, we don't use any patronising language; instead, finding an empowering, positive tone, one that is conversational with a dash of humour where appropriate. We also avoid unnecessary jargon and stick to the facts to provide content written in plain English that's easy-going and engaging.

Our tone of voice is visible in our lovable icon, too – the very eyes that follow our readers around our magazine, bringing some cheeky charm to a creative audience hungry for some light relief during their working days.

Creative Boom Logo

Download our brand assets

To find out more about the Creative Boom visual identity or download any of our brand assets, you can access everything you need via this folder. This is where you'll also find details of our tone of voice, our logo and icon, typography, illustrations, and colour palette.